Serene Foam found in our Gel Tech line is different

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Our line of Gel Tech mattresses uses a new and highly advanced type of memory foam that takes all the best qualities of older generations of memory foam while reducing the the price and breeding out the qualities of older memory foams that many people do not enjoy.

Serene foam is the newest iteration of memory foam on the market. By combining elements of high density foam and Supportive Air Technology, Serene Foam increases support without compromising comfort. It is ideal for alleviating pressure on the hip and back which reduces readjustment in the night, leading to more restful sleep. Serene foam also decreases motion transfer so you and your partner won’t be disturbed during sleep.

Unlike traditional memory foam, Serene Foam isn’t temperature sensitive. Gel infusion and immediate responsiveness help to mitigate and release body heat so that you can stay at a more consistent temperature all night long.